JULY 1, 2017

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JEFF CHRISTIE. Here's a present to all Christie fans: a poster of the classic group from the glory years.

Have a look at some of these historic photos from Christie's tour of Sweden in 1972.

Don't forget to keep checking the Christie jukebox for changing selections every week!

Here's an excerpt from an Italian TV magazine back in 1970, when Jeff, Vic and Paul were touring everywhere in the wake of Yellow River's success.

Sad to report that original lead guitarist with Christie, Vic Elmes, passed away in April. The familiar intros to San Bernadino and Iron Horse were played by Vic, as were many other trademark riffs and solos of the Christie songs. As well as a talented picker, Vic also had a strong vocal presence and handled the lead for I've Got a Feeling and his own compositions, the most well-known of which were New York City and Jo Jo's Band.

The Outer Limits' songs keep getting included in various compilation albums, the latest of which is called Night Comes Down, a great collection of songs from the English beat era. Check it out!




Compare Jeff's demo of I'm Alive to the final product.