Compare Jeff's demo of I'm Alive to the final product.



No Turn Unstoned

(songs from the 70s remastered)

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December 25, 2016:


Well, so this is Christmas and what have you done!
   Sometimes it's better to travel in anticipation than to arrive although the journey is what it's all about.
   It's been a tough year in so many ways and I obviously wish everyone peace, love, health and happiness for Christmas and through 2017.
   The world is changing fast and huge challenges lie ahead.  We have to hope that light trumps dark, no pun intended, and that the inherent goodness of the human spirit will prevail over the many dark destructive forces that are on the march.
   I also to want to say goodbye and give heartfelt thanks to some of the music industry greats lost to us all this year, who through their art and life's work have given so much happiness, thrilled and inspired so many people across the world, myself included.
   Their loss is immeasurable, but their songs remain, and live on inside of us.

David Bowie
Glenn Frey
Paul Kantner
Maurice White
George Martin
Rod Temperton
Phil Chess
Keith Emerson
Leonard Cohen
Leon Russell
Sharon Jones
Greg Lake

   And finally I can't think of a better end quote than this gem from Leonard Cohen:
'Ring the bells that still can ring,
Forget your perfect offering,
There is a crack in everything,
That's how the light gets in.'

Happy New Year all!

Roses In The SkyNovember 18, 2016:

Christie fan and musician Lorenzo Gabanizza has a new CD out, on which he covers two of Jeff's songs, Inside Looking Out and Johnny One-Time. And the other songs on the album aren't too bad either ... it's already entered the Irish charts. You can buy the CD from most music platforms, such as Amazon and iTunes.

November 15, 2016:

Lets Blow Our MindsA great new collection of music from the progressive, psychedelic era includes The Outer Limits' Help Me Please. It's a 3-CD set called Let's Go Down and Blow Our Minds, released by Cherry Red. Other bands on it include The Move and The Spencer Davis Group.
   Grab a copy!

September 15, 2016:

Watch this great clip from Jeff performing San Bernadino (the first video on the right of this page). This one's from 1996.

September 14, 2016:

50 years

On Friday, September 16, Jason Barnard will help to celebrate 50 years of Leeds music at the Leeds Kirkgate Market.
   He will introduce video clips of Leeds rock and pop music gems from the mid 60s to early 70s, including the music of Christie and The Outer Limits.
   Blasting out to shoppers will be an edited version of the TV documentary Death of a Pop Group, plus videos for Yellow River and San Bernadino on the big screen.
   The event starts at 1pm, so pop down if you're in the area.

Jeff 2016August 6, 2016:

Jeff Christie was featured a couple of times in the latest issue of German magazine Good Times. See what he said here.

July 31, 2016:

Two of the most visited pages on this site are the ones featuring lists of all the cover versions of Christie songs. They're updated continuously as new recordings are released and new discoveries are made. Have a listen to these:

Lorenzo Gabanizza
The Heartbreakers

Hermanos Ramirez
Bremeno Muzikantai
Alan Caddy Band
Marta Baizan
The Outlet
Los Hermanos Romero

July 12, 2016:

June 4, 2016:
PosterThe band plays tonight at Schwarzenberg, home of many previous well-received Christie gigs. Only this time, because Jeff has a hand injury, he will not be able to perform. But the band will still play all the great Christie hits, plus some suprises, and there will be a special message from Jeff himself. The show is sold out, so if you are lucky enough to attend, you will be in for a great time!

May 22, 2016:
Here's an interesting photo of Jeff, back in the days when had a manager for the band's German gigs.


The new version of For All Mankind is now available via the major digital platforms. Don't forget to buy a copy and spread the word!