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odds and ends

Yellow River/Iron Horse Japan

Yellow River/San Bernadino Japan

Yellow River/Iron Horse Germany

A Japanese re-issue of Yellow River, backed by San Bernadino Another Japanese re-issue of Yellow River, backed by San Bernadino A German re-issue of Yellow River, backed by Iron Horse

Sheet music Yellow River

Sheet music Yellow River German

Sheet music San Bernadino

Sheet music for Yellow River German sheet music for Yellow River Sheet music for San Bernadino
Sheet music Can Bernadino aust
Sheet music Yellow River aust Sheet music man of faces
Australian sheet music for San Bernadino Australian sheet music for Yellow River, featuring Jigsaw Sheet music for Man Of Many Faces

Jeff Christie solo


Golden Hits

Jeff's re-recordings of Yellow River and San Bernadino in 1986: as"Christie J" In North America, Yellow River was re-issued with Canadian group Mashmakhan on the flipside A re-issue of Christie's two biggest hits was released in parts of Europe

Postcard disc


San Bernadino promo
Polish postcard discs Beware the bootlegs!
Promotional copies varied from country to country
Best of Gold
Hall of fame
A Dutch re-issue of Yellow River and San Bernadino An English Hall of Fame re-issue of Yellow River and Iron Horse Promotional give-aways featuring Christie songs
Venezia Venezia close-up
An album of songs recorded by Italian artists, except for Christie's Yellow River! The album cover features photos of the three members of Christie.
pol disc
pol disc
pol disc
A CD album available from the Polish entertainment site Gala, which contains five songs including Yellow River.

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