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1st verse
Like a dream in the night she was standing there
Like a fool I was taken in
Reaching out for a love that could never be
Rolling out the dice in a game you can't win

2nd verse
Burning eyes hyponotising and tempting me
My resistance is running low
Her ruby lips and her smile, they are willing me
I don't wanna stay, but she won't let me go

Pull me out, pull me out
Can't you hear me now
Somebody help me, I got to break free
Pull me out, pull me out
Can't you see me now
I don't want no woman getting heavy on me

3rd verse
Romeo, he was blind with desire
Like many lovers in history
Juliet burnt him up like a fire
So the story goes and he couldn't break free

4th verse
Is she real or is this just a fantasy
Lord, I wish you would help me now
Can't you see I believe in reality
I don't need no heartbreaker bringing me down


Many a time I've found that I've been fooled before this way
But every time I thought I'd won, I realise it's just a game



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