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(J Christie)

1st verse
Long, hot, summer night
Me and my baby cuddling up tight
Cold, wet, rainy day
Ain't much to talk about
And nothing much to say

It don't make no difference what the
Weather is like
Don't have no problems
We don't get uptight
Gonna be together
Brave that stormy weather
'Cause I love my baby
Love my baby, like a-ooo-ooo

Come rain or shine
There's one thing on my mind
Try my best to keep my baby smiling
All the time
Come rain or shine

2nd verse
So, I'm feeling fine
Is this for real, or just a nursery rhyme
My sweet honey pie
This thing I feel,
It's keeping me up high

Some people live
In a world of make-believe
We got our differences
But still we succeed
Make the sunshine longer
Love a little bit stronger
'Cause I love my baby
Love my baby, like a-oo-ooo


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