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(J Christie)

1st verse
Well, there's always a reason
When you tell me lies
Always a reason
When you change your mind

2nd verse
There's always an answer
When you stay out late
Always a story
Do you have to cheat and misbehave

Sweet Jemima
Haven't I been good to you
Sweet Jemima
Don't your conscience bother you
Sweet Jemima
Well you got me on the run
You caused me so much pain
Don't you think it's time you changed
Shame on you

3rd verse
Well now you spend all my money
Drink me out of wine
It's time you grew up, girl
Time you toed the line

4th verse
'Cause I'm just a human
I'm only flesh and blood
Turn over a new leaf
Wish you'd settle down
I wish you would


Well now you let me down
Time after time
Same old story,
Same old lines


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