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1st verse
When they told me you were back in town
And you were looking, trying to hunt me down
Well, I've gotta find a place to hide
Ooh ooh ooh yeah
Well, I didn't mean to steal your money
But I was down and destitute
Now you tell me you won't take no raincheck
No no no no

2nd verse
Well, you got my picture circulating
And I know that I'm a wanted man
With that money, I bought bad trouble
Running scared, with a gun in my hand

From Nebraska, to Alaska
Kansas city, down to LA
Special agents, out to get me
All around the US of A
From Atlanta, to Montana
Phoenix city to Mexico way
Special agents, out to get me
All around the US of A

3rd verse
Well I thought I had a place to hide
In the backyard of a used car site
Someone saw me and they made a call
Ooh ooh ooh yeah
Now there's nowhere else that I can run
So I'm gonna have to use my gun
Make a hero of the man who tried
To take me! Take me alive ..



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