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(J Christie)

1st verse
I turn around, the days go by
Feels like a year since yesterday
Wouldn't I be foolish if I tried to deny
You've got the love, you've got the love,
You've got the love, you've got the love

2nd verse
I used to be the turnpike man
Selling answers, buying back the time
Everytime I look into your eyes, I'm reassured
You've got the love, etc

And if I doubt you for a moment every now and then
It's only just a foolish whim
I wouldn't want to be alone without your company
You set my spirit free, it's good enough for me

3rd verse
If the train we ride goes off the rails
If the ship we sail hits stormy weather
And if I should live to be an old man, I'll still remember
You've got the love, etc

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